Brainiak Headset (EEG)

Brainiak Headset (EEG)

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Adaptive Learning with Brainiak using Brainiak Headset (EEG)

Accelerate the learning process, significantly improving your performance and mastery of the subject! When you are active, you can stay engaged and retain more.

Not engaged or achieving effective learning? Brainiak will try changing your learning strategy, switching to a different media types, or guiding you through a streamlined revision activity. The Brainiak app uses NeuroSky's brainwave (EEG) sensing headset to detect your learning strategy and find if your current strategy is holding your interest. Brainiak will cycle through content so you can remained engaged with learning. Brainiak Headset (EEG) required.

Buy your headset then download the Brainiak App by IntellAdapt for faster learning!

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